Top 5 Tips For Social Network Posting

No matter what you do for living, be part of a conglomerate or run your own company in a garage, you know you must have a Social Media Strategy. You want to be Share’d, RT’ed, Like’d or +1’ed, right? Here are 5 easy tips that will boost your shares in SoCial NeTWorks:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Connecting with Audience
  3. New and Contagious Content
  4. Timing
  5. Watching Out Opportunities

1. Simplicity

Everyday we are exposed to plethora of information: updates, tweets and emails are just a bunch from digital world. You might have really discovered a pill to end the cancer but if you don’t explain it briefly, it will not be caught by majority of us. Actually the perfect length of the post is between 100 and 119 characters. Stand out from the crowd by being just simple.

2. Connecting with Audience

By posting, you are creating a conversation with your audience. But, conversation is a 2-way street so you should be approachable after your post and respond to any concerns your readers might have. Show individual attention and prove you care about them (I mean unless you are Richard Branson with 5M followers). Be loyal to them and they will be loyal to you.

3. New and Contagious Content

Your audience should not only learn something new from your content but also hopefully share it. In order to make your content sharable, it should have a Social Currency as Jonah Berger mentions in his book “Contagious” so readers comfortably share it. They will share only if they look good to their networks or they will share because they care about the content.

4. Timing

Besides the quality of your content, another key criteria of shareability is the timing. As posts have short shelf life, the time of your post dictates the number of shares. For both LinkedIn and Twitter mid-week is ideal where LinkedIn posts have better visibility during 7-9am and 5-6pm and for Twitter it’s 1-3pm. For Google+ aim for mornings and for Facebook do it after 1pm.


5. Watching Out Opportunities

Do you recall the Oreo tweet last year during the unexpected Super Bowl blackout? You should post within a strategical plan but if there is an opportunity (in your market or somewhere unrelated) you should act quickly to promote your product  before others. Look for possible triggers/pathways where you can bring the value proposition of your product.

S-C-N-T-W. With these 5 easy tips, you will most likely increase your returns in SoCial NeTWorks. Any others tips do you find useful? Write down your favourite ones below…

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